Friday, November 7, 2008

Autumnal Delight At Night

We have two giant burning bushes in front of our porch. Yes, they need to be cut back. But for most of the hot summer, they provide some nondescript albeit welcome shelter and privacy to our small sitting area. Then come fall, they put on a stunning display of autumn color.

I never got around to taking our Christmas lights down from last year. They went from Christmas lights, to Easter lights, to summer welcome lights, to, um, this. Neighbors have come to expect year round displays from us. My husband likes to buy all kinds of cool lights on clearance in January and continue to add to our outdoor display sometimes well into the spring! No kidding.

I'm so glad we never got around to taking these down! I only wish this picture did them justice. Coming over the hill and pulling into our driveway, you can't help but stop and say, Wow!

Makes me think of Moses. . .

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Christina said...

Even if the pictures don't do them justice, your lit up-autumn bushes are stunningly spectacular!

Oh, guss what, I tagged you in a share-seven-of your-favorite-things-about-your-kitchen deally-bobber. You can see mine on my blog. ; )