Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jack-O-Lanterns To Grace Our Camp Site

My friend (smart cookie that she is) brought along several pumpkins that had been scooped out and made ready for carving. How cool is that? She did the one in the middle, and the kids worked on the funny faces. The pumpkins looked so neat sitting around our site at nights. It was like they were enjoying the fire right along with us. My friend also brought some of the seeds she had roasted. Now you know why we like to go with her and her family! She is full of great ideas and always brings lots of great treats!

One morning, I couldn't find my visor. That is a problem since I use it to keep my ornery hair out of my face. We looked everywhere for it. Actually, I had my husband turning the camp upside down while I was cooking breakfast.

Do you know where we finally found it?? On Mr. Happy Face Jack-O-lantern's head. Hmmmm. Maybe the moon was in his eyes during the night?

Or maybe my son thought he needed a hat. . .

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