Friday, October 17, 2008

Inspiration For Cleaning

While my boys were practicing soccer last night, we (my husband, Number 3, and I) headed over to the playground to do some exploring.

What an awesome playground! Not only is it vast and sprawling, this one has wild climbing structures unlike anything I've seen before. Check this red and blue thing out below. In the center of it, there is a rope net to climb across. How do they come up with these things??

We had tons of fun! You have to be careful when dads come along, though. You never know when they will swoop in and carry you off...

Anyway, on the way home, the older boys begged us to hang around next week after practice and give them a turn on the playground. Being the depraved mother that I am, I immediately recognised the opportunity to inspire some cleaning at home.

Time on the Totally Awesome Playground should be worth quite a lot of cleaning, no?

. . .especially in light of the fact that my oldest told me this morning he has NO long pants to wear.

Note to son: That's probably not the right thing to tell Mom if you don't want to draw attention to the state of affairs in your room. For, Mom knows there is a multitude of jeans--complete with tags--hidden in the heaps!

So, tonight we're having a room cleaning party. Want to come?? If ever my boys want to step foot on that playground, their room will need attention first. I'm confident that it will be organized and clean at to start out next week. Not that it will stay that way for long. . .but I imagine it will shine till at least till they've had a spell on the Totally Awesome Playground!

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