Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Goose Neck Gourd Pumpkin Craft

About seven years ago, my father-in-law gave me a bunch of goose neck gourds. I researched tons of ideas on the Internet at the time and settled on making this pumpkin/ghost. I'm sorry, but it's been so long, I have no idea where I saw the idea. Whoever it was, though, was incredibly creative!

My version turned out surprisingly well, and I ended up making a bunch for Christmas gifts. Odd, I know to give Halloween decorations at Christmas, but they were a big hit! A few years ago, my dad made this cute little guy out of a gourd he picked up at a roadside stand.
They really aren't hard to make. Just take the gourd, sand it lightly, and seal it with a base coat. Paint the bottom orange and the top white and then add the details. I sealed mine with a topcoat of clear enamel so I can hang it outside.

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