Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Don't Be an Apple Mom, Whatever You Do!

When I saw that Wendy's was selling those little coupon books for a dollar, I have to admit, I got excited! What a great idea! I could buy a bunch and hand them out on Halloween instead of gobs of expensive candy. These books are a far better value! When I told my oldest son about my plans, I received the horrified look I thought was reserved strictly for those times I forget and hug/kiss him in public.

"Mom, you can't do that! Who wants to get a piece of paper when they go trick or treating? No one, Mom! No one wants paper! That would be like, like one of those moms who gives out apples!" (big face) (Oh horrors...)

"But, the paper is worth a free Frosty!" I defended.

"No, Mom. You don't get it. It's still just paper! No one wants paper." (the look again)

Guess I won't tell him that popcorn crossed my mind before that. But, really, an apple is a bad thing? We certainly can't have me being one of those moms, now, can we?

He's not even a teenager yet, and already my intelligent thinking is questionable, and my right-standing in the world of public preteen opinion is hanging in the balance. May God have mercy on me.

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