Saturday, October 11, 2008

10/11/08 Soccer Game

The boys had a great game today which ended in a 3-3 tie. My middle boy (above, after a head shot) scored 2 of our goals. He was tickled! Below, I caught (kind of) one of those rare brotherly moments where my boys were actually patting each other and saying "Great job!" Too bad the orange guys got in the way. Definitely a picture I would have framed!

I'm surprised the other team didn't score more than they did since there were overhead distractions that had my boys TOTALLY sidetracked! This Black Hawk made several low passes to and from our town's Fall Festival activities.
After the game, we came home and worked outside finishing up our winter's supply of fire wood. It feels wonderful to have all the wood stacked and under cover. Almost makes me want to shout, "Bring on the snow!" Almost. But when we have days like this where it is sunny and 83 and the trees are changing colors, I'd give anything to make fall last forever. I'm so glad we live somewhere where we get to enjoy each of the four seasons!

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