Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wooden Toy Arsenal

For those of you who may have access to a wood shop, these are some other fun ideas for boys to make.

My boys designed and drew these scary weapons on wood over the summer. After I cut them out with the band saw, they sanded and painted them. Then, they gave them to each other for their birthdays.

The boys are old enough to know not to swing them at each other. Their pretend play has matured (most of the time) to the point where they are pretty careful. They use these more in dress up to hang on belt loops and run around the yard.

My oldest thought his little brother needed a rifle of his own. So he chose a piece of wood and set out to design a pint size rifle. Although I cut it out, he sanded the barrel, and painted it all on his own. My youngest loved it, of course!

Like the guns their grandpop made, these toys are special, because they had a big part in making them. And they aren't going to break with the abuse they get in the toy box. Plus, they are less likely to get left in the yard.

I like that.

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