Tuesday, September 30, 2008

WHAT Was I Thinking?

Yesterday, I went out back with the boys to help them practice some soccer skills. We had a blast. I ended up playing in the rotation. Two of us would run up the field, passing and trying to score on whoever (whomever??) was playing goal keeper. Then we would rotate. We did it from the right side, then the left, then right down the middle. I was impressing my boys with my awesome skills and nimble moves (heh,hem).

We played for at least an hour before I had to quit to make dinner.

Today, I can't cross my legs without major pain! I'm popping Advil left and right and trying to find creative ways to pick up dirty socks from the bathroom floor. Pathetic, I know.

I just helped my little one put his shoes and socks on. The poor kid had to hold his foot up above his naval because it hurt too much for me to lean over, and I couldn't imagine getting up from the floor if I got down there to do it.

So much for pretending I'm in shape! What a hoot! Really, what WAS I thinking? I'm certainly not old, but someone had better tell my body that!

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