Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Huffy Green Machine

We saw this full sized (20" front wheel) Huffy Green Machine at Toys R Us for $99.00 four years ago while shopping for our middle son's 5th birthday. We liked the idea of it. In fact the store personnel had to ask my husband to stop riding it! lol! Talk about embarrassing...

But we debated about its cost and whether it would provide lasting interest. It was more than we wanted to spend. In the end, we decided to give it a try and purchased one. It has proven to be one of our best picks ever. It has gotten tons of use and kids still pester for their turns on it. In fact, they sometimes have to fight with the adults over it!

Here are some of its features as listed on Wal-Mart's site currently:(http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=2233464)
  • Dual joystick with rear wheel steering for advanced riders (Takes a little practice.)
  • 20 inch rubber front tire for superior traction (You can really fly!)
  • Freewheel front wheel for smooth coasting
  • Front wheel hand brake for sure stopping
  • Extra-wide, blow-molded rear wheels for serious (and I might add, VERY seriously COOL) skids Maximum seat adjustability designed to fit the kid in all of us (Our five year old had to stretch for the pedals with the seat all the way up, but it was doable and he will probably never outgrow it.)
  • Rear mount flag for maximum visibility and child safety
  • Maximum weight limit 180 lbs (like I said, my husband can ride it!)
  • Huffy lifetime warranty on frame and 6 months on components (Ours still rides beautifully, and is in great shape with only minor fading to the plastic seat!)

You need pavement or cement to ride it on. A stone surface just won't work. But we would highly recommend this bicycle! In fact, this year, we considered getting the latest and greatest blue Green Machine with the mounted water cannon. But, sadly, that one is a bit smaller (16" front wheel with a 150 wieght limit) and it doesn't adjust for larger "kids". Great idea, though! Maybe they'll make a full size model with the cannon in the future. I know we'll be keeping our eyes open for it!

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