Friday, August 22, 2008

No More Blown-Over Umbrellas

Living in the Midwest has it's disadvantages. One of them is our strong wind.

In the past, we have lost several umbrellas to the wind. It's always frustrating, and we try to keep them down during windy days. But sometimes, the weather can be unpredictable!

My husband came up with this umbrella stand idea and we haven't had another umbrella blow over yet!

We've actually made two of these log stands, and as a bonus, they double as side tables for our patio arrangements!

It isn't easy to drill the big holes in the logs which the poles require. But we love the results and visitors love them, too!

It takes some muscle to rearrange the furniture, though! LOL!

If you try making one, it is a good idea to drill a long narrow drainage hole at an angle from the side to let any water drain out.

Giving the ends a coat of stain now and then will help preserve it, as will making sure it doesn't sit directly on the ground.

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marigold said...

I love the idea of using big logs as umbrella holders! Beautiful, natural!