Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Free Kindling, Crafting, and Project Wood

We heat our home with a wood burning stove. It is wonderful heat, but it takes a lot of work to keep it supplied.

Last year, a friend told us about a wonderful place to get great kindling. There is a hardwood mill in our area which produces all sorts of beautiful mouldings and such. When I run out of sticks in the yard, I make a trip over to see if they have any scrap wood available that day. Most often, they do!

For me, what I get is way more than kindling. You see, I am a closet wood worker! So when I see a smooth and flawless piece of oak, my mind immediately wanders through all the possibilities!

What I get from the mill varies, but it all makes great kindling. When I get home from the mill, the first thing I do is pick out the really nice pieces and cart them off to my wood shop for scroll and band saw projects. The rest can then be stored for kindling!

When my father was visiting earlier this year, I made a special trip to the mill for him. I told the nice workers that my father likes to cut things out with his scroll saw and doodle with a wood burning kit. I asked if they had any larger or interesting scraps that they thought my dad would enjoy fiddling with.

About ten minutes later, they brought out some beautiful pieces of Black Walnut, Mahogany, Oak and Maple! The size of the pieces varied, of course. But Dad was thrilled with his box of wood, and I was more than a little jealous!

Today, along with several boxes of small kindling, they gave me a bunch of longer, finely milled moulding pieces! We recently cut a plumbing access panel in my living room which hasn't been properly repaired yet. Now, I can make a beautiful frame (or at least attempt it) for the piece of drywall and finish it off!

Free kindling, craft and project wood works for me!

You might ask around in your area or check the yellow pages to see if you have such a treasure trove in your area. You just might!

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Holly said...

My fireplace is gas, but this is a great tip for those who need wood!
Thanks for commenting on my blog.