Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday:
It's A Party! BYOB!

As it turns out, my oldest son would do about anything to get out of going to his Orthodontist Consult appointment.

We had one scheduled for this morning, first thing. Instead, we're having a party, and its BYOB! That's Bring Your Own Bucket!

My youngest started with the stomach thing yesterday, and my oldest is now in the throws of joy. We know how to party!

That brings me to my WFMW tip: Save those Ice Cream pails!

Ice Cream pails make hosting parties like this a WHOLE lot easier to clean up after--definitely easier than what I went through yesterday before I knew I was hosting a party!

Simply give each participant a bucket, tuck a grocery sack into it, and assign them their own part of the couch. Plug in a movie, and let the fun begin (or continue, as the case may be).

Buckets are going fast, so if you plan to join our party, please Bring Your Own Bucket.


Wanda said...

Oh yes...we save them too. Great idea.
Sad use..but brilliant.
Hope all feels well soon! :(

Mari said...

Sorry - I don't want to join your party, but I like your ideas!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're going through this! I hate and dread the stomach bug, but thanks for a good tip to make a hard thing a little easier to deal with!

June said...

Thank you for stopping by last Friday. I agree
with you this is a great story. I want to be
coffee. June

Sarah said...

LOL- can't say I WANT to join the party but the cleanup would be easier!

Kimberly said...

Oh disgusting! But totally a good idea. And when my boys (2 1/2 and six weeks) get old enough to NOT PUT THERE HANDS in the bucket, I think we will use this idea.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, we save buckets too, but not for that reason. Thanks for giving me another idea for using them... I think :).